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Spring Meeting

Athens October 10th 2021


GSA Webinar

Publishing in Humanities, Arts, and Aging
Thursday, June 10, 2021
Noon–1 pm ET
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Scholarship in perspectives on aging from the humanities, arts, and cultural gerontology has greatly enriched our understanding of aging and the life course. It is a vibrant area for peer-reviewed publishing from many disciplines, and there has been a welcome growth in focus in journals on humanities, arts, and aging. This webinar will bring together the perspectives of the editors responsible for humanities, arts, and cultural gerontology in four journals to outline the vision, philosophy, criteria, and opportunities for publishing in their journals.

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IAGG-ER International Digital Forum on Aging

Welcome to the first
IAGG-ER International Digital Forum on Aging
Vaccines and Nutrition: two pillars of active and healthy aging
online on July 1/2, 2021!

The scope of this international digital event is wide-ranging and ambitious, and it will develop under two main themes: Vaccines and Nutrition – two pillars of active and healthy aging.


EuGMS Presidential Message  2021

Training Requirements for the Specialty of Geriatric Medicine

The European Training Requirements Geriatric Medicine were approved at the UEMS Council Meeting on 17 October 2020. Our next goals are to update the pregraduate training requirements and establish a (voluntary) European examination in Geriatric Medicine.

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Current Issues

The UEMS Geriatrics Section is one of 43 specialist sections of the UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists).

Geriatric medicine is a recognized independent medical specialty in 17 of 31 European countries, a recognized subspecialty in 10 countries, and in two countries (Germany, France) both models (independent specialty and subspecialty) exist. Only 5 countries (Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Portugal and Slovenia) do not have a recognized postgraduate medical degree in geriatric medicine as of 2016.

For historic and structural reasons the organisation of geriatric medicine varies between European countries.
The UEMS Geriatrics Section addresses common issues shared among all countries. In previous work, the Section proposed on a uniform definition of geriatrics (with translations in many European languages) and on minimum requirements for training in geriatrics as part of undergraduate medical training.
Currently, the key focus of the Section is the definition of standards of postgraduate training in geriatric medicine.